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Lifting has always been an integral part of the construction sector. And the selection and condition of the equipment is of the upmost importance. Within this industry our role is to provide advice, conduct repairs and perform statutory examinations wherever necessary. The consequences of a lifting job completed quickly and efficiently versus one done poorly and without the right expertise can be profound.

At JK Lifting we have a wealth of experience in completing lifting work within a construction setting, so we understand how to integrate our services seamlessly into a broader project. If you are running a construction site, it is crucial that your specialist teams add value rather than adding delays and slowing progress.

Whether you’re looking for a lifting partner to provide design and manufacture services or you need help with testing and inspection on site, you have come to the right place.

Lifting Services in the Construction Sector

Here at JK Lifting, we supply a full range of lifting services and products to the construction sector. We are able to offer high performance crane ropes for all applications, such as mobile, tower and crawler cranes, as part of our complete range of lifting services and products.
Our construction sector services include:

  • Lifting clamps and beams
  • High performance crane ropes
  • Crane hooks and sheaves
  • Fall safety equipment
  • Lifting jacks
  • Slings, including chain, wire rope and fibre
  • Wire rope installation
  • Certification management
  • Lever hoists and chain blocks

Our expert engineers can also carry out full testing and inspection on your on-site equipment to ensure the safety and efficiency of your project. We opt for an honest and transparent approach to our testing services. There are no hidden costs and there’s no scope creep.

We also pride ourselves on our integrity, providing valuable advice and support to our clients. We won’t bill you for testing lifting equipment that you don’t intend to use. Instead we’ll always recommend that you place it in quarantine until you need it.

Our Experience

For almost four decades JK Lifting has been providing the highest standard of lifting, moving and testing services to a range of industries, including construction. The engineering capabilities of our team is second to none, and we work together with you to ensure you get the very best results.

We believe in a turnkey approach here at JK Lifting, which means we can manage every aspect of a project for you as required. We don’t believe in leaving any details to chance and we will always aim to save you time, resources and hassle wherever possible.

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